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Lord of the Lawns Welcomes YOU!

Welcome to Lord of the Lawns brand new blog page!

We just wanted to introduce ourselves and let you no what we and our blog is all about.

Lord of the Lawns Lichfield wants to keep it's customers up to date and make sure they understand we value their custom.

So.. why us? Why not one of the other Lichfield lawn mowing services? Well unlike some other gardening business's around, we offer outstanding customer service. We're people's people and understand the needs and requirements of our client base. We're happy to travel to area's in and around Lichfield such as; Shenstone, Burntwood, Brownhills, Walsall Wood,

, Cannock, Aldridge and many more, please feel free to call and ask if we liaise with your area. We understand sometimes you will need last minute appointments and we always try to cater of that. We have an online booking system if you haven't the time to call or would prefer to find a time that suits you that we have available.

Our Lawn mowing service is open 7 days a week! Monday to friday we're open 08:00 till 19:00, as we understand some people work till 5pm and can't make bookings before that. On weekends we are open from 09:00 - 17:00.

Our web address is - #shareoursite

Or check out our facebook page - - #giveusashare #giveusalike

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