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7 Facts - Can too much rain effect my lawn?

Considering the weather.. i found this the most appropriate time to discuss if and how too much rain effects your lawns. This is one of the worst Junes i can remember and its really made our company brush up on how the summer rain effects all Lawns and gardens.

1) First and foremost is root issues - Heavy rainfall lay on your lawn produces air gaps inside the soil which effects the oxygen it so desperately needs to grow. So potentionally this can all lead to drowning and killing your lawn.

2) Fungal Damage - Heavy rainfall or too much watering can rot the grass roots and triggar disease. When disease begins you will need a lawn diagnosis and aeration along with over-seed will be recommended in the fall.

3) Loss of Nutrients – If your lawn gets too much water, important nutrients are washed away and then cannot be absorbed into the root system.

4) More Fertiliser is Needed – Because your grass isn’t getting the nutrients it needs, you’ll have to use additional fertiliser to try and compensate.

5) Poor Root Growth– Grass roots that don’t have to go far below the surface to find water can’t handle dry conditions, leading to brown and damaged portions of the lawn.

6) More Insect Problems – When your grass has a shallow root system, the grass becomes stressed, making it much more likely to receive damage from insects and the aforementioned disease issues.


More weeds– Heavy rain can cause your lawn to grow many weeds, that are often difficult to fight.

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